System Checking Tool

Hi everyone, so I’m posting this system checking tool I created as requested which was written in PowerShell using Sapiens PowerShell Studios.

I created this to assist with our monthly patching at Cancer Research UK, it was put together relatively quickly so will contain bugs but it’s functional for what we need.

Some of the features are;

  • Testing to see if the device is reachable via ping
  • Testing if the device is responding on the RDP port 3389
  • Return last reboot time and state if it was recently
  • Selecting individual rows and rechecking through right click menu
  • RDPing to selected rows
  • Extended tests return updates count and click able link to display them
  • Update windows give vital update info and who install them.
  • clickable host-name link brings up system info.
  • System info includes disk info an other system details
  • System info screen allows to view logged on users
  • Allows you to log off individual users or all of them
  • System info screen allows to to restart the system.

There is a menu item for help, but it dose nothing at the moment.


I’m planning to integrate this in to my C# project at some point so this’ll be obsolete when that comes out 🙂

Link to ZIP of the EXE

You might need to allow the app through the AV as some pick it up and a risky code etc..


Below is the exported code for reference, it’s pretty rough, not a great example, but functional;